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  Who can live at St. Jude’s?

Single adults, aged 18-65, severely and chronically affected by mental health difficulties, mainly schizophrenia, who are in need of affordable housing. These individuals must have the proven ability to live independently but also enjoy participating in a community. Residents must be connected to a community mental health professional.

Is there one common office I can apply to for all supportive
housing in the GTA?

All applications for supportive housing in Toronto are made through "The Access Point". At this central intake office, individuals can receive information, get assistance in navigating the housing system and, complete one common application form for all supportive housing in Toronto.

The central intake office can be reached by phoning 416-640-1934.

A common application can be completed and more can be learned from their website, click here.

How can I apply to live at St. Jude’s?

The process of applying to live at St. Jude Community Homes has many steps to it. Each step is there to set you up for success. We want to ensure we’ve found the right match between your needs and the services and supports our program has to offer.

To read about the application process in detail, click here.

After submitting an application that meets the criteria,
what is the next step?

If there are no vacancies, your application will be placed on a waiting list at "The Access Point". Apartments will become available after someone moves out.

If we have a vacant apartment, once we receive your application you will be invited for a tour; an interview may follow with management staff. Following the interview you are invited to stay for supper with the residents. After the meal, you will have a chance to meet with some of the current residents. Finally, if the reference from your past landlord is favourable, you may be invited to move in.

How soon will I get housing?

If you are on the waiting list there is no way to tell for sure when you will get housing – it will depend entirely on when someone decides to move out.

If there is a vacant apartment, you may get housing anywhere from 30-60 days after you have successfully completed the intake process. This time estimate takes into consideration the notice you may be legally required to give your current landlord before you can leave that residence and move into one of ours.

If I am deemed ineligible for the program, can I appeal?

If you are not eligible for our program, we will tell you why and may even provide you with some suggestions regarding which housing programs may be more suitable to your needs. However, we do not have a formal appeal process.

Who should I notify if my situation changes?

If your situation changes or your contact information changes, please notify the "The Access Point" office by phone at 416-640-1934.

How can I be reassured that my personal information will
be kept confidential?

All information is kept in strict confidence as detailed in our Privacy Policy, which you can view here.

What is your charitable number?

Our charitable number is 13176 9960 RR0001.


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